Blemishes and freckles, the skin worst enemy. destroys confidence

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Blemishes and freckles, the skin worst enemy. destroys confidence.

Apart from acne and wrinkles on the face Another issue that often causes concern for girls. Not least is blemishes, freckles, and dark spots. These are problems that anyone encounters and can destroy their confidence.  Therefore, it is important to understand about blemishes and choose the correct treatment method. Not only does it help reduce blemishes. It also reveals clear, healthy skin in the long run.

Difference between blemishes and freckles

Melasma is a dark circle on the face that is common among Asian and black women. It looks like a black patch. There are both shallow and deep types. Often found around the cheekbones, jaw, or the middle of the face. Can stimulate to become darker by sunlight, pregnancy, and taking female hormones. or birth control pills

Freckles appear as light brown rashes, larger than 5 millimeters, found in areas exposed to sunlight, on the face, backs of the hands, and arms. Which is more often found in white people than dark-skinned people. Which exposure to the sun may result in dark freckles and is increasing

5 risky behaviors that are harmful to facial skin

  1. Often exposed to sunlight Sunlight is an important cause of freckles and freckles because sunlight contains high amounts of UV rays, both UVA and UVB. Which, when the body receives a large amount, can cause the body to produce free radicals and cause freckles on the face. Not only that, it may also lead to serious diseases such as skin cancer. If you want to avoid these problems Sunscreen should apply regularly. Or dress completely to prevent direct sunlight from hitting the skin.
  2. food selection  If you eat dessert Fried food or fast food Including fatty foods or frequent alcoholic beverages. That is the cause of facial skin problems, especially blemishes and freckles, because these foods cause the body to produce free radicals that damage cells in the body, including skin cells. Until it eventually becomes a skin problem. Therefore, if you don’t want your skin to get damage, you should eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. That contain vitamin C, vitamin B12, minerals, and fiber. It will help your skin be healthier. 
  3. There is accumulate stress. Stress is another important cause of blemishes and freckles. The body releases stress hormones. Affecting the overall functioning of the body, including the production of melanin pigment will increase until it accumulates, eventually causing the problem of blemishes and freckles. 
  4. Taking birth control pills continuously for a long time Because birth control pills contain sex hormones. This will stimulate the production of more melanin on the skin. The result is People who take birth control pills continuously are more likely to develop freckles than people who rarely take birth control pills. Therefore, if you really need to take birth control pills You should take birth control pills that contain low hormones. or consult a doctor or pharmacist
  5. Using the wrong cosmetics Using cosmetics Skin care products that contain chemicals or mercury In addition to being dangerous to physical health, it also directly affects the skin. Because these substances will cause the pigment to malfunction until it accumulates and becomes freckles.

How to treat blemishes Which type is good?

  1. Applying cream or medicine to treat blemishes Applying a cream containing AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid), arbutin, and kojic acid will help reduce dark spots. Stimulate old skin cells to fall off and new skin to appear instead. Make blemishes fade away Facial skin looks even. But the disadvantage is that you have to apply the cream regularly. And it takes a long time to see results.
  2. Face mask with radish Radish contains glycosides. (Glycossides) Ascorbic Acid and Vitamin A Has properties in exfoliating dark skin cells. Reduce melanin pigment, causing blemishes, freckles, and dark spots to decrease.
  3. Facial mask with Centella asiatica leaves In research, it has found that Centella asiatica has properties that help in treating skin diseases. Centella asiatica helps with blood circulation, relieves internal heat, and revitalizes the skin. Can blend and wiped instead of toner. Doing it every day will help fade away blemishes. Caution is that you should wash the Centella asiatica leaves thoroughly before blending them. Because there may dirt Dirt can contaminate
  4. Laser treatment for blemishes Laser treatment is another method that shows results quickly. Popular laser machines for treating blemishes include ND-Yag laser, Fractional, Q-Switch, Picosecond Laser, Copper Bromide laser, etc. They are fire to condition and treat skin color abnormalities. It shoots directly into the area where blemishes occur and destroys the melanin-producing cells with heat. To stimulate the skin to shed more quickly. But after the laser is applied, there will scab and may cause the skin sensitive to light. Therefore, you must avoid sunlight for about 1 week after the procedure.