Food groups high in calcium that you should eat.

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When thinking of foods high in calcium many people may think of milk  at the top of their list. But in fact, there are other food groups that are rich in calcium as well. There are groups of foods that are sources of calcium as follows:

1. Milk and milk products

As many people know, milk and dairy products. Such as yogurt and cheese are foods rich that are suitable for people of all genders and ages. And the absorption of calcium from milk and milk products is better than from plant foods and foods that have been fortified. Additionally, milk and milk products provide protein and vitamin D that help strengthen muscles and bones UFABET

1 glass of cow’s milk or about 250 milliliters will have different amounts depending on the type of milk. For example, full-fat milk provides 300 milligrams, 170 grams of Greek yogurt provides 190 milligrams. And cheese  such as Parmesan cheese 28 grams provides calcium 240 milligrams etc.

2. Products made from soybeans

Many people know that soybeans are a good source of protein. You can eat fresh soybean pods, also known as Japanese soybeans  (Edamame) can also be processed into many different products such as soy milk, tofu and tempeh. Which is a type of fermented soybean that health lovers like to eat.

Many soy products are also high. Products made from soybeans in the quantity of 100 grams have different amounts. Such as tofu providing 350 milligrams, soy milk  providing 155 milligrams. If it is calcium-added soy milk in production. The amount of calcium will be higher. Tempeh provides 110 milligrams and edamame provide 60 milligrams.