Saline nasal drops for babies, how to use

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    What is saline nasal drops for babies? Is it useful or should I wash my baby’s nose? Including how to use saline nasal drops. Let’s find out.

  new mother studying 

how to raise children You may be worried if 

your baby is sick because you don’t know what the cause is. For example, when the child is having difficulty breathing, having trouble breathing, it causes various concerns. Did you know that mothers should 

Wash your child’s nose sometimes because there may be residual snot. Causing him to be unable to breathe, which 

saline drops in the nose It is an important part to clean the inside of the baby’s nose. For the mother who is still not sure 

What are saline nasal drops for babies , how to use them and how long can they be stored? Kuk dot com has the answer.

What is saline nasal drops for babies?

          Infant nasal saline drops are pure saline that has been sterilized. Or sodium chlorite solution (0.9% Nacl) is a solution that has ingredients that are similar to the fluid in the cells of our body. therefore suitable for dissolution of the drug Can be used to wash the nose, clean the wound or wipe the skin clean. saline nasal drops baby It should be 0.9% saline or use a 100 cc bottle of saline because if it is a large bottle, it will have to be opened and closed many times. may cause germs to accumulate

Why should you use saline to wash your nose?

          Rinsing your nose with saline can help keep your nasal passages clear and healthy. This is because the saline solution cleans away dried up mucus and mucus in your baby’s nose. Helps prevent sinus infections and reduces runny nose. make the baby more comfortable with nose and inside the nasal cavity is still moist Suitable for babies who are unable to blow their own nose. which washing the nose for the child is not dangerous because the saline used has a low concentration Does not sting or irritate

How to use saline nasal drops for babies

          how to use saline nasal drops for babies caution must be used Because they are still unable to blow their nose or control their breathing as well as adults. Therefore, the steps should be as follows:

  1. Wash your hands before using saline nasal drops for your child.
  2. Hold the baby in your lap. It should be in a straight or slightly leaning position. Place the back of the baby’s head on the father’s or mother’s arms.
  3. Instill 2-3 drops of saline in one nostril. Wait a few minutes for the saline solution to go into your child’s nose.
  4. Use a red rubber ball to suck out the mucus in the nose. By squeezing the red rubber ball to the end to expel the air and then slowly inserting it into the nostrils about 1-1.5 cm deep, then slowly release the squeezed hand to suck the mucus into the red rubber ball. and squeezing the snot into tissue paper or if using a syringe Expel all air out of the syringe tube first. then insert the tip of the mouthpiece into the child’s nose and suck the mucus out gently
  5. Repeat until no mucus remains.
saline nasal drops baby

How often to instill baby’s nose

          instillation of the baby’s nose It depends on how thick or thick the mucus is. It should be instilled 2-6 times a day before drinking milk or eating food. to prevent the baby from vomiting Or you can just drop it in the morning or before bedtime.

saline nasal drops how many days can keep

          Typically, conventional saline cleaners can be stored in the refrigerator for about 30 days. More than 30 days must be discarded. But for saline nasal drops, babies should choose a small bottle. to prevent germs from entering the bottle from the air Because the big bottle has to be left open and used continuously for a long time. will cause germs to accumulate In general, 100 cc per bottle should be used in order to run out quickly so that infection does not occur easily. And should be stored or used up no more than 1 week. Information From UFABET