Which brand of contact lens cleaner 2023

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Which brand of contact lens remover is good 2023 Let’s see how many types of contact lens remover there are. Can eye drops be used for how many days? with caution And if so, how should I choose?

contact lens solution It is essential for people who wear contact lenses. because it helps to clean Remove stains and impurities for the good health of the eyes. It also prolongs the lifespan of contact lenses. But because there are many brands and types of contact lens solution, and the properties are different. Today, we’re introducing a contact lens solution that helps clean the protein stains completely. along with a trick to choose to buy a contact lens solution included. Let’s know what’s there UFABET

How many types of contact lens solution are there?

Contact lens solutions that are commonly used today are soft contact lenses, which can be divided into 3 types:

1. All purpose contact lens solution (Multi-Purpose Solutions or MPS)

 is a solution to clean and soak contact lenses that use many types of chemicals To remove various stains and inhibit the growth of germs. The advantages are easy to use, inexpensive, do not have to buy many types of liquids. so popular But the disadvantage is Must use fingers to clean before soaking and wearing contact lenses every time. and because there is a mixture of preservatives Therefore, it may cause eye irritation. Not suitable for those who are sensitive to allergies.

2. Contact lens solution type Multi-Purpose Disinfecting Solution (MPDS)

 is a contact lens solution that can kill germs better than MPS type contact lens solution.

3. Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) Solutions 

is a solution to clean and soak contact lenses with a mixture of 3-6% concentration of hydrogen peroxide, which is a chemical to kill germs. Suitable for those whose eyes are allergic to all-purpose contact lens remover or those with sensitive eyes. Since this type of liquid does not contain preservatives, the advantage is that it can be used without rubbing. but must fully soak the lens for the specified time