How to play Sic Bo games?

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Sic Bo games are a game played with 3 dice. In which the player must predict the points of the dice or the total of all 3 dice. There are many methods of playing and the player can also choose to bet many times at the same time.

Rules of the game.

1. After shaking until the Sic Bo games are still. If an event cannot read the dice points. The dealer will shake again until all the dice are read. If any error occurs The system will cancel all bets and related payments.
2.In case of equipment failure. The game will be void.
3. Because this game will be broadcast live. Please forgive any mistakes that may occur UFABET 

Even/Odd The odd/even.

bet is to bet on the total points of all 3 dice that will come out as a number. Even or odd number If the score is 5,7,9,11,13,15,17 will be counted as an odd number while the total score is 4,6,8,10,12,14,16 will be counted as an even number

One dice.

To bet on one dice is to predict the number that will come out on that dice.

Number table.

Players can choose to bet the total points of the 2 dice, a total of 15 total. The result of the bet will be counted from either 2 of the 3 dice.

Total Points.

Players can choose to bet on the total points of all 3 dice, excluding triple numbers.

Specific Pair.

The player wins when the two dice are exactly the same number as the player bet.


Player wins this bet. If all 3 dice come out of the same dice whether any number


Players can bet on triple numbers. For example if bet on triple 5. The player will win bets when all 3 dice come out of 5 only.