Bruno reiterates that he wants to stay.

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Bruno Fernandes has reaffirmed his desire to continue playing for Manchester United in the future.

In the past, English media have tried to link the Portuguese midfielder with a desire to move to another club because the team did not qualify for the Champions League. Moreover, it is believed that the player wants to find a new challenge.

Plus the 29-year-old midfielder’s interview stated that he is ready to join the team if the Red Devils still see the value and want to continue working together. Promotion ufabet The more it causes the media to twist and stir up negative trends.

Recently, Bruno Fernandes the Portuguese national team midfielder reiterated to UFABET TV, his hometown media, that he wants to continue with Manchester United. 

“I want to stay at Manchester United, they know my desires. I have to continue winning my championship here. Or at least fight for the team until the last minute.”

This is consider confirmation and sends a signal to the club board. Because in the past the English media has tried to relate that Sir Jim Ratcliffe’s new team may have cleaned up several players, in the case of Bruno Fernandes, there is still a contract until the middle of 2026.