Palladino hints he might leave Monza.

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Monza coach Raffaele Palladino is grateful for the support he has received from all parts of the club. Ready to hint that he may leave the team this summer.

    The 40-year-old manager was promoted to the Monza first team in 2022 after being with both the U15 and U19 teams, replacing Giovanni Stroppa, who led the team to a poor start to the 2022 season. 23 by leading the team to show excellent form ยูฟ่าเบท, finishing 11th in the table. This year, he led the team to finish 12th in the table.

    Palladino said after the final game of the season, a 0-2 loss to Juventus: “It was quite emotional at the end. Because I care about all the children.”

    “I feel it is appropriate to thank everyone because yesterday I personally thanked the gardeners, the media staff and everyone. They work behind the scenes without anyone’s full attention and dedication.”

    “This is a big family, two great seasons and I have to thank these players for helping me grow as a coach and an adult.”

    “Do you know where I’m going tomorrow? I’m going to Naples to meet my family, we’re tired, we’re giving our all. As I said I will speak with the club afterwards, consider and evaluate all aspects.”

    “Early June We will decide on the future in a relaxed atmosphere.”