Atalanta can only beat the new team 1-1

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Atalanta puts pressure on herself to sit at the top of the pack. So he could only open the home. And draw with the new team Cremonese 1-1 with a very stiff and disappointing football game.

Football Serie A Italy

Atalanta 1 – Cremonese 1

Stadium: Gaviss StadiumAtalanta, a strong team with 4 wins, 1 draw, still unbeaten, lead the Serie A crowd after the fifth game to welcome the visit of freshman Cremonese, who have just one point from five games. firstIn the first half, the home team was very aggressive, playing in the direction of Cremonese, who defended well. There was only a long shot from Ten Kopminers and Louis Muriel, but not much to win.

In the second half, Atalanta vented his frustration in the 63rd minute from a free-kick from the right edge of the penalty box. The ball passed everyone and passed the goalkeeper Andre Radu, who was going to be the fifth goal in the Netherlands midfielder’s Serie A this season. But when VAR checked the Czech Republic became It was a handball from Caleb Ocolie, a teammate’s defender who reached out and nudged it lightly UFABET

However the home team had a 1-0 lead in the 74th minute. Kop Miners opened a free-kick on the right side, Merih Demiral, the defender threw up a full header.

But the home supporters rejoiced for only 4 minutes. And Cremonese equalized 1-1 when losing the ball in front of the penalty box by the locals. Felix Afena-Guyan shot from 20 yards straight to the body. Juan Musso receives a splash into the gun, Emanuele Valerie repeats, not offside.End of the game. Atalanta’s disappointing draw with Cremonese 1-1, which has risen to 14 points. Three teams leading with Napoli and AC Milan.