The child likes to bite. Children’s emotional problems.

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The child likes to bite. Children’s emotional problems.

biting other people. It is behavior found in children between the ages of 1-3 years. In general, the behavior of young children likes to bite. It is often cause by physical development. Such as itchy gums due to baby teeth starting to appear.  Parents can use a clean, slightly cool cloth for their child to bite on. To help reduce gum itching. But when the child grows up, the biting behavior still does not disappear. Or use biting to express emotions such as anger, wanting attention. or when feeling afraid That could be a sign that your child is having mental or emotional problems. Therefore, as a father, you must know how to deal with and solve the problem of your child biting before it is too late. Report from ทางเข้า ufabet

How to cope and solve problems when your child likes to bite

Set the rules clearly 

During the age when biting behavior occurs, parents should create an agreement that What should your child bite or strictly prohibit? Including suggestions for what your child should do, such as when your child feels itchy gums, try taking a towel and wiping them. Or you can only bite toys that your parents have chosen as safe to put in your mouth.  And one thing you have to be careful of is When your child accidentally bites something or hurts someone else. Parents should not use harsh punishment to their children physically and mentally as this will encourage imitative and aggressive behavior. Parents should stop their children with simple but serious words so that their children understand that biting and causing others distress is wrong.

Find the cause of the bite. 

Because biting behavior can cause by physical changes and psychological problems. If it is a mental matter then parents. Should hurry to find the real cause in order to help their child solve the problem directly. For example, their child is addicted to biting things when they feel stressed. What parents should do is help reduce stress for their children by talking and helping solve problems that the child is worried about or taking them to activities to relieve stress. If your child uses biting to fight or defend themselves, parents should pay attention to whether the child is having problems with friends at school. Your child likes to tease others the one being bullied to help solve problems.

Strengthen more positivity 

When the child cooperates by trying to reduce the biting behavior or stop it completely. Parents should sincerely encourage and praise their children because praise is a positive behavior that encourages children to know that anything they do will be praised or will make their parents proud. For example, when a child is angry at a friend. But don’t show it by biting like you used to. Your parents may praise you. “Today, your child is smart and can control his emotions well.”

Teach the correct way to express yourself 

Biting behavior caused by emotional states Part of this is because children still don’t know how to express their feelings. Parents should teach their children how to express or deal with their own emotions appropriately, such as when they feel angry or dissatisfied with their friends. Try saying to a good friend, “I don’t like this,” without resorting to biting or violence in response. 

Consult a doctor 

if parents are unable to solve the problem on their own, for example, no matter how hard they try, their child still likes to bite. Or the more you forbid your child, the more oppositional behavior becomes. That may be a sign that the child is having problems that parents cannot reach and cannot solve directly. Seeking advice from an expert or doctor is therefore another method. That should not be overlooked because if left untreated for a long time, it may cause your child to have more violent behavior and be more difficult to correct.